Connecting you with nature

 We all look for an escape from our busy city lives. We take off on weekends and try to find peace in the serenity of nature. We travel to hillsides, mountains, deserts, beaches, forests..any area that we can find seclusion in..with the intention of leaving our stress and worries behind. We work so hard to connect with nature and find our inner self, we plan, budget, travel…but does it really have to be so? The simple answer is No. What if you could carry a piece of nature in your pocket..Have a reminder of those forests in your house..Carry a bit of sunshine and sea when you go about everyday life

We know the positive impact that nature and natural products can have on you, and have made it our mission to help everyone easily access products that help you stay in touch with nature. We and our suppliers make this possible by working hard and working right to sustainably delivering a piece of nature to you. Handmade and of the highest quality our products are guaranteed to add a breath of fresh air to your lifestyle.  

We want to enable you to do good, by doing good ourselves. Sustainability is the buzzword nowadays, and as changemakers, we have taken on the responsibility of making it easier to help people live sustainable lifestyles. We are very different from other eCommerce platforms that propagate mass-produced goods with huge environmental impact. We harm no animals, produce no harmful waste, generate minimal emissions, and leave ourselves & our consumers with zero environmental guilt when it comes to lifestyle products.

So join driving saving the being fashionable and sustainable. We are just a click away:

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