Traditional Rogan Art Wall Painting From Gujarat

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Bathe your interiors in culture and sophistication with our Traditional Rogan Art Wall Painting from Gujarat. Handcrafted passionately by skilled artisans who have mastered the century-old Rogan art form, this painting exudes a whimsical charm that arises from Gujarat's cultural heartland. Every intricate pattern and bold hue communicates a story of a glorious past and mirrors a vivid tapestry of life in Gujarat.

This Rogan painting brings a timeless visual spectacle to your space, its elegant design inspired by the vibrant Gujarati motifs. Ideal home décor for those seeking a unique blend of tradition and contemporary style. This stunning canvas comes to life with vibrant pigments, and the traditional Rogan motifs employed translate the artist's intricate vision into reality, serving as a timeless visual spectacle on your walls.

Size: 10 * 7 Inch
Materials: Cotton Cloth and Caster Oil
Weight: 200 g