Traditional Rogan Painting for Wall Decor: Tree of Life

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This breathtaking Traditional Rogan Painting: Tree of Life is an unforgettable likening of the natural world's majesty and resilience. Painted using a centuries-old technique known as Rogan, the mighty tree stands tall, vivifying any room with its vibrant colors and intricate leaf designs. A perfect embodiment of life's flourishing cycle, this artwork allows you to own a unique part of nature's tapestry. 

Immerse yourself in the authentic allure of Indian traditional art. Every stroke of the Traditional Rogan Painting: Tree of Life signifies the precision, patience, and craftsmanship of our expert artisans. The gold-like Rogan paste, derived from oil and natural dyes, imparts an exotic radiance to this piece, illuminating the essence of cultural heritage.

Size: 10 * 7 Inch
Materials: Cotton Cloth
Weight: 200 g