Unique handmade Rogan painting: Tree of Life

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A Tapestry of Tradition: Experience the beauty and intricacy of the Unique Handmade Rogan Painting: Tree of Life. Embodying an ancient Persian art form, this piece promises to transform your living space. Each brush stroke meticulously presents a tale of human life transforming an ordinary wall into an exquisite exhibition of art.

Savor the Symbolism: The Tree of Life is a potent symbol that represents interconnectedness, wisdom, and eternity. In the Rogan Art tradition, this symbol has been brought to life with delicate craftsmanship. Add an element of mystique to your decor with this beautiful representation of universal connection.

Eye-catching Elegance: This artisanal piece effortlessly combines decorative appeal with cultural integrity. In addition to being a stunning focal point in your home, it serves as a conversation starter, sharing a cultural narrative rooted in ancient history.

Size: 10 * 7 Inch
Materials: Cotton Cloth & Caster Oil
Weight: 200 g