Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of company is Mytr?

Mytr is a shopping destination where customers can find handcrafted artisanal goods as well as sustainable products from around India.

Is Mytr an environmentally friendly company?


What is a made-on order product?

As most of our sellers are artisans, they have various designs of their products. However not all of them are available in their stock.

Such products are made only on a confirmed order. This adds up to the exclusivity of the product as slight variation in design, color or pattern is possible.

If customization option is provided by the artisan, it can be found in the description of the product. This allows us to make the perfect product for you.

Why is COD not available on certain items?

COD stands for Cash On Delivery. When the products are marked as made to order, we need to collect payment upfront on behalf of the artisan.

This payment is used as a token for a confirmed order. Our artisans come from various sections of the society, so at times

a portion of the payment is provided to the artisan for purchase of the required raw material.

Will I get to see the made-on order product before delivery?

Once the product is ready our representative will reach out and share the images of the ready product.

Upon confirmation from your side, we will process the order for shipment by express courier delivery partner available in the city of the artisan.

What should I expect from a handmade product? Can I customize my products?

Handmade products are man made and hence two pieces of the same product might not be the exact copy.

Having said that doesn't mean that the product which you will receive will look totally different from what you ordered.

All our artisans are seasoned craftsmen of their field. Thus your product will be as close to the original as possible.

There may be slight variations in the design, i.e. if there are leaves in the design, the size of all leaves will not be the same.

We believe these variations are the proof of human touch and makes the products more exclusive. We cherish such variations and hope you too will love them the same way.

Is it safe to submit my credit card details?

 At present we are supporting Razorpay, a well known Indian payment provider, and Stripe a well known global payment provider. Your card details are only handled by the service provider which litates the payment. You can choose any provider you like based on your preference.

Whom should I reach out to if my product is defected/ damaged?

 You should notify us via email by sharing the details on

How can I verify the authenticity of this website?

The URL in the address bar should start with "https". Note there's a "s" at the end which stands for secure. You can also click on the lock icon to view the site information. Click to view the certificate, which must be issued to ""

How will my personal information be stored and utilized?

Your personal information will stay with us and is only used to deliver you your products and some deals and updates from us. We all value your privacy and thus none of your information will be used without your consent.

How to return a product? How are refunds made? Where is the company's office located?

 We have branch offices in Kolkata and Bhagalpur with head office in Pune.

How can I track my product from ordering to shipping?

Once an order is placed, you should receive regular updates from us on the status of the order via email. If there's any slight deviation from the expected workflow, you will also be notified via phone call.           

What should I do if I don't receive the product?

Message us via our website chatbox to get an instant update on your order.

Does Mytr deliver outside India?

We were delivering Internationally before COVID, but at present we are waiting for the process to smoothen itself out.

For all other inquiries, please contact our Customer Service Department

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