Subscription to Support Artisans



COVID has struck again with its second wave and thousands of people have lost their livelihoods to it. In these trying times, technology has played a pivotal role in keeping the world connected and running multi-dollar businesses. Technology has also helped hundreds of people in meeting their day-to-day needs.


But, that’s not the case with everyone. With tourism at an all time low and trade fairs and art exhibitions at hold, thousands of Indian artisans are suffering every day. The hands that work hard to make our homes beautiful are not able to run their own homes. In these trying times, Mytr stands beside artisans and continues its efforts of lighting up their lives with the help of technology.


Unfortunately, still today, around 90% of our artisans are unable to reap the benefits of technological revolution. But, together we can change this scenario and help them by delivering the benefits of online selling. Mytr attempts to connect with as many artisans as possible and exhibit their beautiful handmade art and craft items to patrons who recognise and value their works.


This will not only help them feel more empowered but also make selling their art easy and hassle-free because we take care of the tech part. But, you too can make a big difference. How? Simple, by subscribing to Mytr.


Once you join our subscription service, you are presented with an exquisite handcrafted product as a surprise. Price of the product given to you equals to or exceeds your subscription value, either monthly or bi-monthly (depending on subscription package).


This win-win service for our artisans and buyers ensures that both of them are benefitted. While you help our artisans and their families to survive in these tough times, they ensure that your home receives a mesmerising souvenir, thereby uplifting the spirits of our artisans and your home.


What’s more? By joining our subscription service, you motivate us to save and promote sustainable art. We have designed multiple plans to ensure that you find the right one for yourself. Select one and submit your details. We are eagerly looking forward to your participation.


Thanking You for Your Support.
Team Mytr